Academic degrees and diplomas in Bitcoin blockchain

The blockchain timestamp and digital seal applied to a diploma guarantee that the date it was issued and the signature of the issuing institution are true and authentic.

This is a diploma in blockchain

How it works

The authenticity of a diploma is valuable both for the issuer, the interested party, and for any third party to whom it is presented. Its falsification affects the system in general, damaging the prestige of institutions and students. Historically, universities have spent considerable resources on degree validation processes to prevent fraud. Now, thanks to Constata's technology and its synergy with the Bitcoin blockchain, it is possible to issue blockchain diplomas that are impossible to forge, and without the need to allocate resources to physical revalidation and custody.


on the Blockchain

The time stamp guarantees that the digital signature was valid at the time it was used. This embedded time stamp validates the signature and eliminates additional costs for the issuing entity to revalidate the certificates.

Durability over time

Our service will allow you to validate your diplomas and certificates with computer experts at any time and anywhere in the world.


Your diplomas will be available on all platforms, with a guarantee of their visualization and veracity.

Data integrity

You will have a public, secure and transparent registry, where your information will remain immutable.

Technological validity

Secure your important documents with our cutting-edge technology and the transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Optimizes your processes

With a couple of clicks you can stamp and sign your certificates and send them to your students via email.

Easily verifiable

Your students will be able to validate all the knowledge acquired in your institution with a single click.

Blockchain or NFT diplomas?

Why we have no hesitation in recommending blockchain diploma technology.

Diploma in blockchain

With a blockchain diploma, the third party to whom it is presented has the certainty that it is authentic, without the need to contact the issuing institution, being able to validate it using software to automate the task. Another advantage is that it is possible to include a large volume of data along with the diploma, such as the analytical certificate, or even the thesis or final degree work itself.


Although an NFT allows innumerable uses, such as the possibility of representing unique digital assets in a network of smart contracts, and then transferring them, the truth is that it can be very costly and, specifically, the nature of a diploma that resides in perpetuity and non-transferability cannot be faithfully represented with an NFT. The diploma digitally represented in NFT, can be destroyed and also can be transferred only once, losing the possibility of sharing it as many times as necessary.

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