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What does blockchain bring to time stamping?

Our certificate contains all the data and the algorithm needed to validate it. Being registered on the Bitcoin blockchain our timestamp can be validated by anyone with basic computer skills and a public copy of the Bitcoin blockchain, even if Constata were to disappear.

It's like a digital time capsule!

Why did they choose the Bitcoin blockchain?

We chose the Bitcoin blockchain because it is one of the most secure and decentralized blockchains available today, with around 10,000 known public nodes distributed worldwide.

We guarantee the security and immutability of your timestamp and digital signature with the same technology that protects a trillion dollars in crypto-assets.

Time Stamp

What is a time stamp

It is a mechanism capable of demonstrating that a series of data has existed and has not been altered since the time of sealing. To prove this, the hash of the data to be sealed is calculated, if the data is modified when calculating the hash it will be altered. If the hash remains the same, it proves that the data has not been modified.

What is a hash?

A hash is a cryptographic function. A mathematical algorithm that creates a series of fixed length characters from any file or block of data. So any modification to the file or block of data, will totally change the hash of the file or block of data. So it is considered as a fingerprint of any type of data.

Why is a time stamp important?

Imagine that you have to prove that a claim has been made within the established time or a purchase has been made during the validity of the commercial offer. In these two cases it is essential to prove the time and day when these operations have been made. The time stamp guarantees this certainty.


How does the Constata service work?

When you send a document to be signed and time-stamped, either by email, Twitter or through our API, we generate a certificate where we compile: your digital signature, our digital signature, the document and the hash of your document (i.e. the encrypted document). 

Once all the data is in the certificate, the hash of your document is stored in a bulletin along with other hashes and encrypted. Then, the hash of the bulletin is published on the Bitcoin blockchain, after the block where the hash of the bulletin was recorded has been mined, we send you the time-stamped certificate of your document with all the data and the algorithm necessary to prove when and who issued that document.

What makes Constata different?

Our goal is that your certification is at your fingertips and that you can access it easily and validate it instantly.
Once you have a certificate issued by us, you can enter the website and check with 2 clicks that you have a valid certification. In addition, the certificate itself contains the necessary information to check its validity in the Bitcoin blockchain, making it completely independent from Constata its durability over time.

Do I need Bitcoin to use your service?

No, you do not depend on the crypto asset to use our service.
While you can pay for your plan with BTC or any other crypto asset you can also pay by credit or debit card.

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