Secure your data with the Bitcoin blockchain

Certify and back up your users' information with our electronic signature and time stamping service. You will have a fully auditable and traceable record!

This is a diploma in blockchain

How it works

The procedures and processes that are developed in fintechs and banks are of vital importance for both users and the entity providing the service. Our electronic signature and time stamping system allows these procedures to be securely digitized, backing up the information not only in a centralized but also in a decentralized way. Allowing a totally transparent digital record and generating legal evidence in each movement.


on the Blockchain

The time stamp will allow you to generate an immutable and transparent record of the transactions generated on your platform.

Durability over time

The sealed and signed data will remain immutable and can be verified by any computer expert at any time and place.


All the information you seal and sign with our system will be encrypted, ensuring the privacy of your data.

Data integrity

You will have a public, secure and transparent registry, where your information will remain immutable. 

Technological validity

Secure your important documents with our cutting-edge technology and the transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Optimizes your processes

We have an integration system for your company.


Your company's registration will remain immutable, allowing you to have better control over it.

Our plans


€1/ Megabytes

A versatile and scalable solution for organizations with changing needs. You only pay for what you use.


  1. Command line
  2. E-mail support
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Custody for 5 years
  5. Your documents available forever on the Bitcoin blockchain

Tailor-made solution

Consult price

A complete solution for the most demanding organizations.


  1. Storage based on your needs
  2. E-mail support
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Custody for more than 5 years
  5. Option in your facilities
  6. Your documents available forever on the Bitcoin blockchain

Certifies in Blockchain