Generate trust and transparency in your government

Use our time stamp and digital signature to certify the actions you perform as agent, thus generating a public, immutable and auditable record.

How it works

Our time stamp and digital signature guarantees the immutability of your important documents. By using our service you will be creating a transparent and incorruptible database, where the flow of information is secure and digitized.

Time stamp
time stamp

By sealing a document and backing it up on the blockchain, you guarantee that the information stored in it will remain immutable.

Durability over time

You can validate your documentation with IT experts at any time and anywhere in the world.


All the information you seal and sign with our system will be encrypted, ensuring the privacy of your data.

Data integrity

You will have a public, secure and transparent registry, where your information will remain immutable.

Technological validity

Secure your important documents with our cutting-edge technology and the transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Optimizes your processes

With a couple of clicks you can stamp and sign your documents and send them to your work team via e-mail.

Drives sustainability

By having a tool that ensures the integrity of your digital documents, you will be able to do more work digitally.

Our plans


€1/ Megabytes

A versatile and scalable solution for organizations with changing needs. You only pay for what you use.


  1. Command line
  2. E-mail support
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Custody for 5 years
  5. Your documents available forever on the Bitcoin blockchain

Tailor-made solution

Consult price

A complete solution for the most demanding organizations.


  1. Storage based on your needs
  2. E-mail support
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Custody for more than 5 years
  5. Option in your facilities
  6. Your documents available forever on the Bitcoin blockchain

Certifies in Blockchain