We digitize the issuance of academic degrees.

We turn diplomas into verifiable electronic credentials with Bitcoin blockchain technology — and we make a marketing tool out of them.

responsive verifiable diploma
responsive verifiable diploma

The tool you need to manage diplomas.

  • Issue and deliver via email from a CSV file.
  • Look up your previous issuances — get reception notifications and visitor metrics.
  • Multiple long term storage options.
  • Public verification, free and forever.
  • Whether you use a mobile or laptop, your signature never leaves your device.

A novel format.

Our diplomas are issued in a verifiable HTML format that can be viewed and verified from any browser, without installing anything.

They are timestamped on the Bitcoin blockchain and electronically signed by your company — they are more secure and versatile than paper diplomas.

Our custom designs protect your brand on all screen sizes and allow you to attach other documents such as academic history, audio, video, and photos.

We also provide an abridged PDF presentation that links back to the original.

And they are not just diplomas, they can be attendance certificates or badges.

ConsPad X1

Students share online.

Each diploma has a self-management administrative access where the student can share it on social media, instant message, or PDF.

Diplomas can be unpublished, preventing further access from the shared links and pdfs.

They can also be downloaded locally, giving maximum protection and sovereignty over the data — anyone with the file can verify it for free forever.

We can start today.

We have plans that allow for gradual hiring — start the free trial and contact us so we can guide you.

Here you can see our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy and data protection policies.

Free Trial

Access to the web application.

Standard template with your logo.

No issuer data verification.

Up to 10 free diplomas per month.

Access via API.

No initial or maintenance cost.

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Basic Plan

Access to the web application.

Custom diploma template.
And possibility of annexes.

Issuer data verification.

Bonus on the first issuance.
Up to 200 diplomas.

Advice on integration via API.

1200 EUR one-time payment.
Divided into 6 monthly payments.

1EUR per MB issued.
Approximately 1EUR per diploma.

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Advanced Plan

Access to the web application.

Multiple diploma templates.

Issuer data verification.

Flat rate with quantity discount.

Custom integration development.

Price tailored to your needs.

We know how to take care of your company's data and reputation.

We are a trusted service provider under the EIDAS regulation and use the blockchain with the largest number of independent nodes — bitcoin's.

Interactions on our website are digitally signed on your device.

We store data for at least 5 years, and you can download it to your infrastructure.

Diplomas remain verifiable by third parties even if CONSTATA ceases to exist.


0. We create a unique and multi-device style for your diplomas. 1. Data from each issuance is exportable to .CSV from the web. 2. You can use other email delivery services like Mailchimp. 3. We have a FULL API to integrate the process into your software. 4. We do custom integrations. 5. The code for CONSTATA is available on Github.

We want to work with you as we do with them:

More about Constata

Also adds value to official titles.

Official education degrees are only issued by an official entity.

They are required from the student by the public administration and other official bodies of the same country — but often they are not easy to present and verify in the private sector, especially in other countries.

An approved official title can be attached to the diploma issued by Constata, providing it with the advantages of management, dissemination, and quick verification, without losing the possibility of official verification.

We don't advertise on your diplomas.

The issuance of diplomas can achieve a lot of publicity, you can use them to advertise your company — as long as your students approve it.

Constata only appears as a third-party to facilitate verification. We do not sell your students' data or attention. We will never send them any kind of commercial offers.

We work in Europe and Latin America.

Our team is distributed in several cities in Spain and Argentina.

Due to geographical and political affinity, we develop our solution by observing European regulations and the idiosyncrasies of Latin America.

The generated signature only works on Constata.

You can take your Constata digital signature to another device, just by copying the firma.json file that is generated when you register and start using the web application from there — without installing or configuring anything.

This also means that you cannot use another digital signature from another provider to issue diplomas.

This limitation is not as bad as it sounds, it is a good idea to use different signatures for different areas.

We are computer technicians and lawyers.

We have experience as educators, in technology and data regulation, and have been using bitcoin since 2011.

This fusion of experiences and abilities gives us a unique perspective on data integrity and legal validity.

We do not offer a visual diploma editor.

Capturing the identity of an institution in a functional diploma is an art.

Visual editors are inflexible, or burden your team with work, with below average results.

We offer a complete solution — and if there are digital artists on your team, we can work with them.